Here’s what others are saying about THE DELUSIONAL DIVA:

“Sky is like the white Whoopi Goldberg!”
-Wayne Morse, Hollywood Casting Director


“You never see Sky look the same way twice.”
-Chris Game, Commercial Casting Director


“Sky is bold and brave.  Her portraits are funny, moving, compassionate, and insightful.  Go see her.”
-Rinde Eckert, Solo Performance Artist


“Simply put, SKY is a POWERHOUSE. She does it all. She truly encapsulates ‘multimedia performance artist.’ And she’s one hell of an actor! I’m most impressed with her passion for what she believes. Some people talk the talk, but SKY walks the walk in terms of her commitment to human rights, gay rights, and equal rights. A truly amazing gay woman whose influence is wildly felt in the Los Angeles community.”
-John Fleck, Actor/Performance Artist (True Blood, Star Trek, Mad Women, The NEA Four)


“Sky might indeed be called delusional by people who are “birthers” or Tea party members or NRA supporters, but not by people like me.   Sky helps us see the reality of our world comically, honestly and bravely.  She is lucid and sane and has a show worth seeing, go see her work.”
-Rick Najera, Writer/Producer (Mad TV, In Living Color, Latinolouges on Broadway)


“If Sky Palkowitz’s one-woman show is one-tenth as charming as she is, it should be a runaway hit in New York.”
Robert Patrick, Playwright (Kennedy’s Children on Broadway, The Haunted Host starring Harvey Fierstein)


“Sky is a masterful performer who is genuinely carrying on the art of the Solo Performance Artist. She entertains and educates all at the same time. If you can catch her “Live” I urge you to go! Sky is committed to enlightening future generations with her powerful message. If you don’t check out the critically acclaimed Delusional Diva in her show Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!! chances are you’ll not only miss this rare theatrical experience, but you won’t be able to score a ticket….as it emerges as a red-hot sensational hit.”
-Katharine (Kat) Kramer, Entertainer/Activist (Founder/Producer Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World)


“Ms. Palkowitz is fearless in her writing, thorough incarnation of a host of stellar characters and the ability to express the secret desires and dreams of those who make the world go round. This is an evening of theater reminiscent of Lily Tomlin and Sarah Jones with an edge so sharp you might need stitches.”
-Sherry Glaser, Actress/Performance Artist/Political Activist (Family Secrets off-Broadway)


 “Innovative and ground-breaking work.  Pure passion, commitment & talent.”
-Bertila Damas, Actress of Stage and Screen


“One of the biggest talents to ever hit Hollywood!”
-Karen Semanek, Director/Producer/Musician


“SKY is a tremendous beacon of Light in this World that has touched so many.”
-Miracle Mike Hennessey, Actor/Director/Producer/Living Miracle


“Talented beyond expectation. Always leaves me in a state of awe. Truly amazing!”
-Maggy Gousse, Realtor


“SKY is the embodiment of an Amazing Woman, who influences both entertainment and the progress of the LGBTQ Community, not only through her work, but also in how she lives her life.”
-Tyr Yung-Hall, Director/Producer/Activist


“A diverse range of characters and originality.  Really refreshing…A true one-woman show unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Definitely someone to keep on the RADAR.”
-Dalia MacPhee, Fashion Designer


“SKY is an incredibly gifted, funny and creative artist, an American version of Tracey Ullman.  She can pull off any character, any accent.  It’s exciting to watch her in action.  Entertaining…Hilarious!”
-Kenda McGahee, International TV journalist


“SKY is dedicated, passionate and fearless in supporting the arts, gay rights advocacy, and as a performer.  A triple-threat artist and activist.”
-Terrie Silverman, Writer/Performer/Coach, (Beyond Baroque Literary Arts, Creative Rites)


“SKY is the hardest working person I know.   She takes risks, both personally in her career endeavors, and in reaching out to people.  “CALLING AMERICA: DON’T HANG UP!!” is riotously funny, sometimes sad and always thought provoking.  SKY is my personal Gay Crusader, certainly the most entertaining person I know…A DIVA on a mission, but hardly delusional.”
-Michael Osman, Graphic Artist


“SKY is an INSPIRATION of energy and ideas.  Whatever she does, she does it BIG.  And she aims to make a difference.  SKY moves people wherever she goes and makes people laugh, at the same time encouraging them to think in ways outside of their own. I’m excited to work with her as she continues her rise to Fame, impacting the World with who she is and all she stands for.  SKY is truly one of the GREAT PERSONALITIES of HOLLYWOOD!”
-Klaudia Kovacs, Director/Producer, Success Consultant


“SKY has incorporated the principles of freedom and equality for all, not only in her show, but in her everyday life.  I’ve never met a more dedicated, passionate, and truly giving person. She has more than paid her dues and taken her shots for the team.”
-Tom Carrieri, Musician/Artist/Producer


“SKY is high quality material. Her performances reflect her activism and stance for gay rights, human rights, equality and freedom for all.  I love her, and the World will love her like they love Lucy!”
-Ingrid Quintas, Actress/Screenwriter


“SKY is an amazing advocate for gay & lesbian rights. Her heartfelt work repeatedly shows conviction of her love, not only for gays & lesbians, but for ALL; the best message of inclusiveness to send.  She always inspires me…she is a living model of freedom of expression without apology.”
-Cliff Satriano, Photographer/Poet/Educator (Photo Stories New York)
“Her powerful, politically charged work shows off her many talents for characters, and commitment to material that provokes, challenges, and and enlightens. Few people truly possess the mix of both talent and sheer determination that SKY has and shares with people on a regular basis. She glows on the big screen, sparkles on the television and internet, and makes magical memorable moments live on stage regularly.”
-Jason Jenn, Creative Arts Consultant (ReEvolutionary Productions)


“SKY is a dynamic entertainer who possesses a plethora of aptitude and skill of her craft. She is an extremely gifted, talented, and funny woman who lives her life with the same gusto off stage as on.  She seeks every opportunity to bring comedy, laughter and insight to the most mundane of situations. An activist of gay rights, human rights and equal rights, SKY has done years of fundraising for groups that support these rights.  This show is her “piece de resistance”. This up and coming star will forge her name in the world of show business through this incredible work of art!”
-Orit Harpaz, Hollywood Photographer


“THE DELUSIONAL DIVA lives up to her name! A unique artist full of vibrancy & life…SKY is an EXPERIENCE to be met, on & off stage.  She radiates love & demands attention wherever she goes…a fierce woman, a fabulous entertainer, an ethical human being, a full rainbow of colors, all in one wildly wonderful woman! SKY sparkles the stage & the World around her, through mirth, merriment & dazzling magnitude.”
-April Hava Shenkman, Performance Artist/Clown