R. SKY Palkowitz, is an avant-garde multimedia performance artist, who has performed wild works of multimedia and solo shows all around the country. Her first one-woman show, “Alien Rhoda”, a sci-fi autobiographical multimedia extravaganza, was produced at the University of Iowa in 1997. In Chicago she wrote and self-directed her next solo piece, “Delusional Diva: Cheese For Thought”, which played at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, where she received great press.

Sky returned the following year with her next tour-de-force, “Synapse Hysteria!”, and took the show to the Minneapolis Fringe Festival as well, where she covered the front pages of newspapers and received rave reviews.

After touring for five years, performing educational theatre in hundreds of schools all around the country, Sky moved to Hollywood, where she quickly became Executive Director of the Women’s Theatre Company Los Angeles, and started work on her next show with Lily Tomlin’s old director, Irene Pinn. She performed “Delusional Diva: How Did I Get Here?” at the Hudson Avenue Theatre on Theatre Row. Aching to get back into avant-garde, Sky hooked up with the infamous Rachel Rosenthal, and began workshops and intensives with this legendary performer. During her eight years of work with this life-long mentor, Sky performed many wonderfully zany works of art under Rachel’s guidance and direction. Sky has performed at the Rachel Rosenthal Studio, was a founding member of her company, Fauve Conspiracy, and wrote, directed and produced her last solo happening, “Alien Love”, at Rachel’s Espace Dbd in 2007.

Since her move to LA in 2000, Sky has performed comedy, music, plays, and benefits all around Los Angeles, at spaces including The Mint, The Palms, The Hudson Avenue Theatre, Highways Performance Space, The 24th St. Theatre, and other venues. Sky has worked with famous performance artists like Guillermo Gomez Pena, John Fleck, and Ken Roht to name a few.

Sky has recently been performing standup comedy and improv all over Hollywood, at the World-Famous Comedy Store, and with the LA Connection Comedy Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Her upcoming show, “Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!”, is in the works, and has performed numerous pieces of it at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA over the last couple of years as it is in development.