Current News…

SKY will be speaking on two panels at the upcoming 2nd ANNUAL EMPOWERMENT DAY with the LOS ANGELES WOMEN’S THEATRE FESTIVAL SATURDAY, August 23rd at the Fremont Center Theatre in Pasadena, CA.  Tickets are still available for this fabulous and informational ONE DAY ONLY event, an entire day filled with panels, workshops, and prestigious guest speakers, all geared towards the creation, development, marketing and production of your SOLO SHOW.  Have you ever wanted to mount or tour your own solo show, or are you a theatremaker looking for new tips on how to make your next show successful? Then this day is FOR YOU.  More info at

SEPTEMBER 4th  at 7pm– SKY performs the poetry of James Broughton in a special tribute w/ Jason Jenn at BIG JOY Screening at the Roxie Theatre, San Francisco

SEPTEMBER 13th from 8pm until 1am– SKY performs live with Jack Shamblin at THE ADONIS PROJECT, an evening of live installation, performance, music and mayhem!